If You Have One Of These Pennies, Its Worth Up To A MILLION Dollars! Check Your Wallet Now!

Pennies are almost like throw away money nowadays. Everyone seems to hate having them around and hardly anyone takes the time to pay for anything with pennies anymore!

But, you are about to learn why the penny could indeed change your life. There are some out there that are worth a ton of money and you could have the winning lottery ticket in your pocket right this minute! So it turns out that back in 1943 a screw up of sorts happened. The government stopped putting out copper pennies, instead opting to use the copper for shell casings during WW2. Zinc-coated steel pennies became the replacements.

The screw up takes place with some of the mint facilities. They put out 40 pennies out of copper and put them out there in circulation. One of these 1943 copper pennies can go for close to a million bucks at auction!

Check out the whole story and see what to look for the next time you receive some pennies as change!

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