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Where did Rice get Benghazi talking points? CIA passes ball to White House

http://twitter.com/#!/RoundsR/status/270653196966457345 It’s been more than two months since U.N. Amb. Susan Rice kicked off the Obama administration’s Benghazi spin-a-thon, appearing on not one but five network news programs to discuss the “spontaneous protests” which led to the deaths of four Americans on Sept. 11. Ever since, the CIA, State Department and White…

Barney Frank joins CNBC as contributor, hilarity guaranteed to ensue

http://twitter.com/#!/TamedRaccoon/status/414052956670291968 Nope. No joke. This is real life, America! Everyone’s favorite loud-mouthed, fashion-forward ex-congressman will now be an official CNBC contributor: http://twitter.com/#!/RyanRuggiero/status/414050480638009344 Must-see TV! http://twitter.com/#!/TraderRLH/status/414061088465256448 Pffft. If anything, this’ll just give CNBC more entertainment value. http://twitter.com/#!/NathanWurtzel/status/414055035266273280 http://twitter.com/#!/CuffyMeh/status/414055215923335168 *** Related: Barney Frank weds partner in Massachusetts Oh, the humanity: Nancy ‘Elaine Benes’…

Infographic: How states are represented in the cabinet post the reshuffle – Times of India

In the biggest shakeup of the NDA govt since it assumed office, PM Modi has inducted 19 new ministers of state with an eye on the upcoming polls and performance of incumbent mantris. This is how different states are represented in his cabinet now. Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/How-states-are-represented-in-the-cabinet-post-the-reshuffle/articleshow/53076472.cms

19 gâteaux de mariage pour geeks

On espère que ceux qui ont acheté un gâteau « Game of Thrones » sont encore vivants. 1. « Doctor Who » : View this image › Laura’s Focus Photography 2. « Game of Thrones » : View this image › Facebook: choccywoccy 3. « Sherlock » : View this…